Mono 3.2.7 is out!

After 5 months in development, mono 3.2.7 is out. This is the work of 1235 commits by 65 contributors. A lot of very exciting new things come with this release.

The highlights are all the love our JIT received. A much improved ABCREM pass that now can remove a lot more bounds check on 64bits architectures. We added Alias Analysis and Loop Invariant Code Motion that allows even better code to be generated. Performance under some benchmarks was improved by more than 20%.

We have a new interpreter for LINQ expressions and dynamic that works under FullAOT.

Significantly improved reachability and flow analysis in C# compiler, which should catch a lot more bugs for you.

We have an initial port of mono for ARM hardfp ABI which is used now by many of the linux distributions.

Finally, our runtime uses native instructions for 64bits compare-and-swap on 32bits hardware when available. This makes some PLINQ benchmarks go 6x faster on 8 core machines.

For the full changelog and download go to:

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