Mono 3.0.3 is out!

We have released an update to Mono, version 3.0.3, it is mostly a bug fix release, but contains a few interesting goodies as well:

  • DTrace: Mono garbage collectors now feature multiple dtrace probes for users on MacOS and Solaris.
  • Many stability improvements and performance work on Mono’s Async support.

Garbage Collector

Sgen now has a concurrent GC that can significantly reduce max pauses. This is an experimental feature that is been continuously developed. Click here for more details.

Bug Fixes


Ongoing work on Mono

As a reminder, we have adopted a new development strategy for Mono.   We are no longer doing multi-year development efforts that we land all at once.   Instead we are doing incremental fixes and improvements in our master branch, and all experimental code is now done on branches that are only merged when the work is completed and stable

For more details see the Change in Policies post.

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